KCA News Special Edition LXRP Update


KCA is concerned about serious matters affecting the Kananook Creek Reserve.  We are dismayed with some of LXRP’s proposed works and the lack of thought about the impact these will have on Council’s project to build an indigenous “Seaford Arboretum” in the area around Seaford station.

The KCA has recently met with LXRP and council members anticipating a two-way conversation about LXRP plans but were told they were going ahead with their work, apparently regardless of community views.  Their plan is to complete their shared path and planting by the end of November 2020.  If you live in Seaford, you will have seen the work has already progressed significantly.

It is our very strong view that:

·         LXRP should hold off work in the Seaford Arboretum Site in the Kananook Creek Reserve until the Arboretum Concept Plan is updated and the full community consultation has taken place. This site is the heart of Seaford and the community should have their input. The Kananook Creek Reserve Landscape Masterplan and the Seaford Arboretum Concept Plan should both be used as a guide and complied with.

·         LXRP should hold off on revegetation work in Kananook Creek Reserves, both north and south of Station street, until certified locally indigenous (to Kananook Creek) plants are available. This planting should be agreed with the Responsible Authority for Kananook Reserves, the Council Rangers.

·         LXRP should not remove the existing Kananook Creek Walking Trail entrances and signage at road crossing access points North and South of Station Street.  The Kananook Walking Trail in the Northern Reserves should not be relegated to be just spur tracks off the shared path.

It is our stated aim to clean, restore and preserve the Kananook Creek and its environment for present and future generations. The Kananook Creek Association believes that the Kananook Creek and its reserves have the potential to become treasured environmental and recreational assets of regional significance.

We believe that the LXRP works will undermine our intended objectives while negatively impacting the Seaford Arboretum project.  The lack of community input is frustrating and unacceptable.  KCA has met with Frankston Council’s CEO Phil Cantillon and Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny to intervene with LXRP on our behalf.  KCA has recommended that LXRP adopt a softer, permeable, and more sympathetic boardwalk treatment at both the Station Street entrances to the Shared User Pathway and the Kananook Creek Reserve Walking Trails.

Phil Carter

President KCA

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