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Canoeing the KananookCanoeing is a wonderful way to explore Kananook Creek. Sections of the creek, particularly in the upper reaches, are secluded and tranquil. If you are lucky you may catch glimpses of a cormorant, spoonbill, white faced heron or perhaps an egret. The creek is tidal, but this effect is minimized by the pumping station.
There are canoe landings at:

  • Eel Race Rd (opposite Patterson River Secondary College)
  • Riviera Street
  • Station Street adjacent Seaford Community Centre
  • McCulloch Avenue
  • Fiocchi Avenue
  • Mouth of creek at Frankston

It is recommended that canoeists check the status of the landings prior to paddling. Jan 2019 – Fiocci Avenue canoe launch point is currently out of service.

Kananook Creek Canoe Club promotes recreational canoeing and kayaking activities on the creek.  Details can be found on their website –


Launching facilities exist at the creek mouth. Abundant algae growth in the creek often makes the use of motor boats impractical, smaller rowing craft being the preferred option. Caution is advised at all times when boating as there are numerous submerged obstacles invisible from the surface. Bridges at Armstrongs Rd and Station St have a low clearance. Speed limit is 8 kph.

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