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The Kananook Reserves

Kananook Creek Reserves Overview and Map

Kananook Creek Reserves
Overview and Map (FCC Publication .pdf)

Forming a thin fragile ribbon along the length of the creek, the Kananook reserves provide a wildlife corridor, valuable habitat for indigenous fauna and a tranquil haven for recreational users.

Walking Trails

Kananook Walking Trail commences at Eel Race Road in the north and continues for 5.7 kilometres through the reserves before concluding at Mile Bridge. Walking trail notes and major entry and exit points can be found on the Walking Trails page.


More than 200 indigenous plants have been documented in the KCA reserves.
Trees include Coast Banksia, Tea-tree, Coast Wattle, Swamp Paperbark, Black Wattle, Drooping She-Oak, Manna Gum.

A comprehensive list of plants propagated and planted in the reserves can be found on the Flora and Fauna  page.


Kananook Creek and its environments support a variety of local native plants and plant communities and these in turn, provide valuable habitat for our native birds, mammals, fish, aquatic creatures, reptiles, frogs, and insects.

A number of Fauna Studies with comprehensive listings can be found on the Flora and Fauna Page.

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