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1. Museum Victoria – Education on-line
Bioinformatics: Victorian fauna -12,000 pictures! Deals with every species of butterfly, frog, snake, lizard and mammal.

2. Zoos Victoria
Education Resources

3. Australian Museum 


4. Parks Victoria Education
Information for students

5. Australian National Botanic Gardens
Bird Calls

6. Amphibian Research Center
All about frogs including Frogs of Victoria, Location, Sounds.

Find out about the Lost Frogs Home!

7. The Victorian Frog Group

8. Melbourne Water -Facts and Games

9. South East Water – The Kids Room

10. Gould League

Australian Wildlife hidden cams
Gould League/

11. Clean Up Australia
Our waste Challenges

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References 1. Information Source: Zoological Parks and Gardens Board of Victoria, Blotched Blue Tongue Lizard
2. Photo Short-finned Eel (Anguilla australis) Photo: R. M. McDowall Inland Fisheries Service Tasmania
3. Photo Climbing galaxias (also known as Broad Fiinned) (G. brevipinnis) Photo: Brett Mawbey Inland Fisheries Service Tasmania