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KCA Annual Family Picnic March 13 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the KCA Annual Picnic On Sunday March 13, 2022.
Special thanks to the Kananook Creek Canoe Club, organizers, cooks, musicians, past players and the kids who joined us.
Thanks to Michael Mavracic from MAVideoArt · for the following video record of a wonderful picnic on the creek by the bay.

January 2022

Minio Rossetto FCC Senior Citizen of the Year 2022

Minio and Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy

Minio receives award from Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy

Minio, KCA volunteer, is the proud recipient of FCC Senior Citizen of the Year Award 2022. The Kananook Creek community are absolutely delighted that Minio has received recognition for his contribution – an outstanding contribution that has spanned several decades. Minio is Official Legend and Life Member of the KCA, Life Member of the Long Island Tennis Club and a much loved living treasure to his local Long Island community.


Minio (centre)

Image caption L-R: Peninsula Health Chief Executive – Felicity Topp, Senior Citizen of the Year – Erminio Rossetto (Minio), Young Citizen of the Year – Bethany Yeuong, Peninsula Health Registered Nurse – Sony Sunny, Citizen of the Year – Trudy Poole and Frankston City Mayor, Cr Nathan Conroy.

Claire, Minio, Peta, Paul and Joan

Image Caption L-R Claire Rossetto, Minio Rossetto, Peta Murphy MP, Paul Cavanagh, Joan Cavanagh

Congratulations Minio!


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