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KCA Newsletter Summer 2021-22

The KCA summer newsletter is now available to download here. It includes a membership renewal form for 2022.

Newsletter Summer, 2021KCA News Summer 2021

KCA  Newsletter Autumn 2021

KCA Autumn Newsletter 2021


WHEN: Thursday 4th March 2021


Have you heard? There’s a family evening on the 4th March.

TIME: 5pm – 7 pm 
PLACE: Talbot Hall Seaford Community Centre 
 **** Newsflash ****  Last Minute Changes  ****
1. Dr Jill Orr Young is regrettably unable to attend.

2. Access to Talbot Hall

Talbot Hall ( Seaford Senior Citizens Hall ) – has a hall limit under Covid -19 emergency rules in place today of 40 persons in total at any one time.

KCA volunteers will manage hall access to comply with current regulations.

Where possible all Community information tables  will be outside complying with Covid 1.5 metre distancing rules.

Audio visual presentations can only be presented in the hall.

To ensure all can  enjoy the Audio Visuals in the hall we have decided to  run 4 x 30 min sessions from 5-7pm -a max of 40 patrons per session.

KCA’s Thomas Wiechert will maintain the attendance register for the four sessions – please seek him out to register for your preferred session

Food and refreshments

Contrary to our previous advice we cannot operate the kitchen in the hall for tea and coffee -this would restrict  us further.

There are many diverse and delicious alternatives for food and refreshments in the Seaford Village nearby.

Certainly bring your own picnic – if you wish  and the BBQ’s are available

KCA is sorry for any inconvenience 

Please bear with us for both your safety and in respect of the safety  others

We operate within a declared State Emergency – I think we all know that and will be patient and understanding.

Phil Carter

KCA President


LATEST NEWS on Seaford’s new Indigenous Botanic Garden and outdoor environmental education centre
MUSIC by charismatic jazz pianist, maestro Steve Sedergreen. 
Interactive Learning – Come along and learn about some of the local inhabitants that will live in the Seaford Botanic Gardens. Can you name some of the tiniest beneficial bugs that can be found in local natural reserves? Try your hand at making one for FREE to take home, with Narelle from ‘Natured Kids’. 
Audio visual display by KCA and displays by local community groups including Kananook Creek Canoe Club. 
LOCAL HISTORY – ‘Ten Stories of Frankston’ Historical Display 


Have you renewed your membership for 2021? New members are very welcome.

membership form

Membership Form


KCA is concerned about serious matters affecting the Kananook Creek Reserve.  We are dismayed with some of LXRP’s proposed works and the lack of thought about the impact these will have on Council’s project to build an indigenous “Seaford Arboretum” in the area around Seaford station.

The KCA has recently met with LXRP and council members anticipating a two-way conversation about LXRP plans but were told they were going ahead with their work, apparently regardless of community views.  Their plan is to complete their shared path and planting by the end of November 2020.  If you live in Seaford, you will have seen the work has already progressed significantly.

It is our very strong view that:

·         LXRP should hold off work in the Seaford Arboretum Site in the Kananook Creek Reserve until the Arboretum Concept Plan is updated and the full community consultation has taken place. This site is the heart of Seaford and the community should have their input. The Kananook Creek Reserve Landscape Masterplan and the Seaford Arboretum Concept Plan should both be used as a guide and complied with.

·         LXRP should hold off on revegetation work in Kananook Creek Reserves, both north and south of Station street, until certified locally indigenous (to Kananook Creek) plants are available. This planting should be agreed with the Responsible Authority for Kananook Reserves, the Council Rangers.

·         LXRP should not remove the existing Kananook Creek Walking Trail entrances and signage at road crossing access points North and South of Station Street.  The Kananook Walking Trail in the Northern Reserves should not be relegated to be just spur tracks off the shared path.

It is our stated aim to clean, restore and preserve the Kananook Creek and its environment for present and future generations. The Kananook Creek Association believes that the Kananook Creek and its reserves have the potential to become treasured environmental and recreational assets of regional significance.

We believe that the LXRP works will undermine our intended objectives while negatively impacting the Seaford Arboretum project.  The lack of community input is frustrating and unacceptable.  KCA has met with Frankston Council’s CEO Phil Cantillon and Carrum MP Sonya Kilkenny to intervene with LXRP on our behalf.  KCA has recommended that LXRP adopt a softer, permeable, and more sympathetic boardwalk treatment at both the Station Street entrances to the Shared User Pathway and the Kananook Creek Reserve Walking Trails.

Phil Carter

President KCA


A Message from the President

Hi everyone and welcome to our Spring newsletter.

Covid 19 continues to have a huge impact on the community and our ability to operate effectively. A thank you to all of you that attended our Annual General Meeting in August.  It was certainly a very different format using Zoom to communicate.  Overall, the meeting went well and I am hopeful that our 2021 meeting will be face to face once again. As an outcome of the AGM we now formally appointed the new Committee and I can see the enthusiasm of the new committee members making a positive difference going forward.

Minutes have been circulated and my report posted on the KCA web site along with our other reference material.

At the AGM, I made an announcement that I have a desire to establish working groups focused on specific activities and there is more about that later in the newsletter.

At the end of June, Frankston City Council agreed to form a Kananook Creek Governance Group which includes representation from all the local community groups, Councilors, Council members and Melbourne Water.  The first two meeting have taken place and some progress has been made.  Initially, the discussions have focused primarily on the dredging of the creek mouth, but I am hopeful that the agenda will broaden over time.

The sun is starting to come out and I turn my own thoughts to the longer days ahead.  Hopefully, once we are past the worst of these restrictions, we can recommence our work on the reserves.

Phil Carter

President KCA


Vote wisely- do your research -read the statements – contact the candidates. It has been said that “everybody loves Kananook Creek” but, in truth, some candidates will have a better understanding and can provide more effective support than others.

If KCA’s aim to clean, restore and preserve Kananook Creek and its environs is important to you then check the awareness of candidates on this. Are they on board with KCA community expectations for the Seaford Arboretum?



We like to say “don’t just talk about the environment, do something” but Covid19 has frustrated us for the last 6 months and only our Council Ranger is permitted to do maintenance work. This is a major challenge as there is so much to do. Many residents have helped by taking a bag and keeping the walking trails rubbish free.

When restrictions are lifted, we urge you to make a real constructive contribution to our local indigenous natural reserves by joining in KCA’s regular monthly working bees.  Just 2 hours a month contributes to this vital work of planting and weeding and other maintenance, helping to preserve these outstanding natural assets for current and future generations. Its great fun working outdoors in a team with other likeminded neighbors followed by delicious shared refreshments and fellowship.

KCA has applied to the Waterways Blitz Scheme for workers to do essential fire fuel reduction work before summer.  Melbourne Water, who manages the scheme, has had over 800 applications, but we have not heard back as to whether our request has been accepted.

The Kananook Creek Corridor Reserves three-year plan of works is well out of date and we are working with Council on the update.

Contact points when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted are:

Southern Group- First Sunday of every month

  • 9-11 am refreshments provided
  • Meet at Fiocchi Ave footbridge
  • Call Minio Rossetto Mob 0417 147 956

Central Group- Third Sunday of every month

  • 9-11 am refreshments provided
  • Meet at Pumping Station Cnr Boonong and Bentons Ave
  • Call Nigel Woodhouse Mob 0413 109 204

We are also in discussion with the City of Kingston Parks Department with a view to establish a third working bee in the Northern part of the Creek.  More details will be provided when they are available.


KCA have long advocated for the completion of the Seaford Arboretum but with more vigour and purpose after the passing of Allan and Yvonne Sisson.

KCA saw the Seaford Arboretum having two key community objectives:

1.    As a fitting living tribute to the pioneering work (over 20 years) of the Sissons in masterminding and directing KCA’s community restoration of the Kananook Creek Corridor Reserves and the creation of the network of natural walking trails

2.    To protect and sustain this achievement into the future by educating and inspiring future generations to engage in the maintenance and preservation of the Kananook Creek Corridor Regional Park.

On 25th February, at KCA’s 50th Celebration at Cube 37, Mayor Sandra Mayer announced that Council had unanimously endorsed this long-awaited project- a locally indigenous botanic garden in the heart of Seaford.

The Arboretum Project Concept and implementation Plan (including the Community Engagement Process) was due for completion by August 2020. 

UPDATE: The Community Engagement Process has not yet begun; Council are yet to appoint the Project Consultant who will update the original Concept in line with current site conditions.

KCA is keen to see that the landscape architect Jill Orr Young‘s inspired Arboretum Concept Plan of 1997 is faithfully implemented and that the desired community objectives are fully achieved.

We are concerned about the damage inflicted on the Arboretum entrance (and the steel fence) by LXRP and the implications this will have on the Updated Concept design.

KCA has long advocated that the routing of the long proposed concrete Bay Bike trail be kept separate from the soft Kananook Creek bush walking paths is in the best interests of walkers and bikers alike. This has also been the accepted Council policy on the Bay Bike trail – the route should be along the Railway Reserve not compromising the soft bush walking trail experience in the Kananook Creek Corridor natural reserves which are officially recognized as of high botanic significance, KCA sees no good reason to change policy on this matter.

The latest LXRP Southern Alliance press release states that works will commence to complete the shared pathway.

UPDATE: Discussions between LXRP, Council and KCA on KCA concerns are due to be held early October.


Frankston City Council’s updated Domestic Animal Management Plan was adopted by Council on 10th August and is now available on the Frankston City Council web site.

It is noted that there were 733 responses to the council’s consultation process indicating a high level of community engagement.

The plan includes a list of action items to be addressed over the coming months.  We note that Council will be:

  • ·         Considering a 24/7 cat curfew to protect wildlife.
  • ·         Implementing a dogs in public places policy.

If you are a dog or cat owner, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourselves with the contents of this publication.


The Annual General Meeting was held on 4 August 2020 on zoom with an attendance of 18 people, including the Chair of the Frankston Environmental Friends Network, David Cross and the Federal Member for Dunkley, Peta Murphy MP.  There was discussion of the work of the Kananook Creek Association into 2021 with long term members and supporters of KCA present.  It is hoped to meet once again in person in 2021 

During the meeting, the new committee was formally adopted.

Your committee for the coming year is:

  • ·         Phil Carter, President
  • ·         Rob Thurley, Vice President
  • ·         Margaret Hunter, Secretary
  • ·         John Shreeve, Treasurer
  • ·         Yvonne Lynch, Membership, website
  • ·         Thomas Weichert
  • ·         Russell Taylor
  • ·         Ken Matthews
  • ·         Stuart Allan


Margaret Hunter has been working in the environmental field for many years, and volunteer for the Friends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands group since 2008..  “I look forward to working with the Association in this role in 2020-21, and can be contacted on 0417 323 460, and on the email address”


The new committee wishes to rejuvenate the KCA Subcommittee system and engage interest and expertise from across the wider community on:

·         MEMBERSHIP

Increase the membership levels of the KCA through individual membership and corporate sponsorship while providing value to the community. Includes membership activities/ community days, newsletter distribution, promotion, schools’ programs etc.


All key aspects of the Kananook Corridor Reserves including maintenance and improvement.


Engineer and landowner Paul Kelly retired from the committee last year and we need to rebuild our expertise in this area to improve the environmental health of the waterway and to preserve its recreational amenity.


About 480 private properties enjoy creek frontages along the Kananook Creek Corridor-mainly on the West Bank and are important stakeholders. Many of the KCA founders in 1970 were private landowners abutting a very contaminated creek. Since then private landowners have had an enormous contribution in the clean-up and restoration of the waterway and Natural Reserves.

The Sub Committee is tasked with updating the 2010 User Guide for Private Landowners adjoining Kananook Creek.

We need your assistance to preserve the high-quality achievements in the 50-year restoration of the Kananook Creek Corridor Regional Park.

Please contact Secretary Margaret Hunter if you are interested in supporting any of these Subcommittees.

Winter 2020


KCA News July 2020

KCA News July 2020

March 2020

KCA News Autumn 2020

KCA News Autumn 2020 print edition, .pdf

Autumn Newsletter text version


The last couple of months has been very busy for the Association.  Preparation for our 50th anniversary celebrations was a significant undertaking and I have to offer my sincere thanks to the working committee that pulled this together. Unfortunately, because of personal work commitments taking me interstate for 3 months, I was unable to attend.  However, the feedback I have seen indicates it was a great evening.

 The recent state of affairs with the LXRA removing mature vegetation from the Seaford area has been of concern to us all as it flies in the face of what we have been led to believe was happening.  I am sure you have seen the uproar this has caused and we are continuing to monitor the situation. 

Most recently, we have received the following communication from Sonya Kilkenny MP:

“There is no further clearing to take place.  The main clearing took place near the Seaford Station car park and the back of the RSL. There will be boardwalk structures installed at these locations. The shared user path will then run alongside the existing train corridor and use the existing culvert, up towards the Riveria hotel, to cross the Kananook Creek.

Frankston Council have been pushing for an alternative path that would see the need to remove at least 90 trees in the area up near the Riveria hotel as well as significant disturbance to the creek at the existing boardwalk crossing.  There has been no consultation with Aboriginal owner groups.  And I have opposed this route.”

On a more positive note, we have held meetings with Melbourne Water and Frankston City Council to progress maintenance of water quality issues and there is a real feeling that all parties understand the needs of the community and are willing to work together.

 As we look towards the next 50 years, the KCA needs more community support in order to continue the great work of the past.  I may be starting to sound like a broken record but we need additional volunteers to join the management committee with some urgency.  Our team of 5 is likely to lose at least one more member to retirement at the next AGM.  It is going to get to the stage where the committee is unable to function.  If you have a few hours a month to spare, I encourage you to consider joining us.

 Happy Easter to all,

 Phil Carter

President KCA

KCA Turned 50

The KCA turned 50….and many, many came to celebrate.

Tuesday, the 25th of February, saw a momentous occasion in the 50th birthday of the Kananook Creek Association, founded in February 1970.

A lively crowd of about 140 people, representing the association’s history, and aged from 9 to 90+, found Frankston Art Centre’s Cube 37 to be a worthy venue, decked in memorabilia of yesteryear, yester-decade and yester-century. The venue was decorated by posters, booklets with a multi-media presentation. The appreciative crowd was also presented with information about Frankston’s and the Creek’s history, with the aid of the invaluable Ten Stories collection. 

Rob Thurley eloquently summarized the Association’s many successes, past and present efforts and remaining challenges

Looking forward, we were also treated to a future vision (below) of how the currently uninspiring channel section of the lower creek could be transformed into an entertainment and event hub for Frankston, given appropriate support, consultation, thought and finance.

Dignitaries were aplenty, too, with representation from Frankston City Council by Mayor Sandra Mayer, CEO Phil Cantillon, as well as former mayors and councillors. Sonya Kilkenny, local State MP also addressed the crowd.  

Many community groups were also showed their support, with the Frankston Environmental Friends Network, Kananook Creek Canoe Club & the Frankston Beach Association, to mention a few, though there were many more!

This was the first reunion for many years of previous KCA committees together with colleagues from Council, Melbourne Water and other authorities directly involved in improving the Creek’s well-being.  

The evening’s event was also wonderfully enhanced by the sweet piano play of Maestro Joe Ruberto, while everyone was well catered for by the caring Cube 37 staff. Attendees were well-watered by our event sponsors Dainton Brewery – Carrum Downs, and Massoni Wines from Mt Eliza.

Arboretum to go Ahead!

It is fantastic news that the Design and Implementation for the Seaford Park Arboretum has been approved by Frankston City Council. The concept plan is to be completed with community engagement by August 2020 and the facility is due to open by May 2021.

Congratulations to all involved in achieving this outcome, especially those who have been advocating for this project since 1992. The arboretum will be a fitting tribute to KCA legends Allan and Yvonne Sisson who gave over 25 years of outstanding service to the Kananook Creek.

The 1997 Landscape Masterplan is being substantially used for this project and you are invited to access details of the masterplan on the KCA website under the “Resources” tab.

Working Bees

There are regular working bees on the first Sunday at Fiocchi Ave and the third Sunday at Benton Avenue.

DON’T FORGET to check out our Facebook Page which is constantly updated.

A memorable evening all around; so now onto planning the 100th!

The Association Needs You

The 2020 Membership form is attached included at the end of the newsletter (print version)

 The more members we have, gives us a stronger voice when advocate for the Creek with Council and Melbourne Water. Talk to your neighbors about our cause and hopefully we can attract some new members.  To renew or join, please complete the attached membership form.

The Association is looking for new members on the Committee. Nominations for Committee or Office Bearers are encouraged. If you wish to serve on the Committee or as an Officer Bearer, kindly complete the nomination form and forward to (via email)

David Dodson, Secretary at

Notice of AGM (Pending Covid 19 restrictions)



  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 3 April 2019
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members (refer Attachment A)
  • Meeting close

Refreshments will then be served.

December 2019


(on-screen text version)

Creek Monitoring

The Kananook Creek Association has had an initial meeting with Melbourne Water regarding the Melbourne University’s monitoring proposal with the aim of determining the exact source (s) of toxins and sludge. Melbourne Water are planning to initially place monitoring sensors in the Dandenong Creek. It the Dandenong Creek monitoring program is successful, Melbourne water plan to roll out the monitoring program to the Kananook Creek. There are ongoing meetings between Melbourne Water and the Kananook Creek Association regarding the toxicity of the Kananook Creek.

Frankston Green Wedge

The Frankston City Council issued the Green Wedge planning proposal. Several local community groups, including the KCA submitted responses to the original proposals.  The revised version now shows a reduction of development in Carrum Downs (between Frankston Dandenong Road & Eastlink). This should result in a reduction of industrial run off into the Kananook Creek.  

Frankston Coastguard Proposal

The Frankston City Council has determined to place the Coast Guard in the Yacht Club building. Sadly, the possible reactivation of the mouth of the Kananook Creek was not included in the Council’s decision.   

The Kananook Creek Association turns 50 in 2020.

The Kananook Creek Association turns 50 in February 2020. To help with making this important milestone a memorable event, the Kananook Creek Association is seeking members to help by joining a 50th birthday sub – committee. All are welcome to join the sub -committee, please strongly consider joining.

Seaford Love Where You Live – Public Event

The Kananook Creek Association actively participated in the recent Seaford “Love Where You Live” public event at the Seaford Community Hall. The open to public nature walk along the Kananook Creek and foreshore trails was led by two of our local Reserve Rangers and strongly supported by members of the Kananook Creek Association. There was also an information stall to help promote the Kananook Creek by providing promotional information about the Kananook Creek. Several groups were involved in the day and there was musical entertainment and a sausage sizzle. It is fair to say that the turnout for the event was a little disappointing, so a lot of people missed out on this fun event. 

Little Trackers Project

The Kananook Creek Association recently participated in the Little Trackers Project. The RMIT University are conducting a study of water flow in Melbourne’s rivers and the Kananook Creek was chosen to be a part of the study. The Little Trackers project was prominently reported in both of Frankston’s local papers.

The Association needs you

Have you considered joining (or rejoining) the Kananook Creek Association?  The more members we have, gives us a stronger voice when advocate for the Creek with Council and Melbourne Water. Talk to your neighbors about our cause and hopefully we can attract some new members.  To join, please complete the attached membership form.

The Kananook Creek Association is making a special membership incentive of offering new and rejoining members, membership for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020.

Working Bees

There are regular working bees on the first Sunday at Fiocchi Ave and the third Sunday at Bentons Avenue.

DON’T FORGET to check out our Facebook Page which is constantly updated.

August 2019



• Paul Davies retiring after 5 years as President

• Andrew Robinson stepping down from the Committee. Andrew is still acting Treasurer until a new Treasurer is appointed

• Phil Carter has taken on the role of president

The KCA would like to warmly thank Paul and Andrew for the huge contribution they made to the KCA over many years.


At our last AGM, Paul Davies announced that he had decided to retire as President of the KCA.  After my first 2 months in the role, it has become blatantly obvious the extent of Paul’s contribution over the years.  He is to be highly commended for what he has achieved.  I do wonder what I have got myself into and I am thankful that Paul has agreed to support the transition to the new Committee.

For me, it has been a whirlwind of new experiences, learnings and relationship building.   We have a Committee of strong willed and enthusiastic volunteers and we will do everything we can to take up the cause of protecting Kananook Creek.

We have an uphill battle and we have decided to use our Facebook page to highlight some of the significant problems that the creek is facing.  You may have seen references to the recent diesel spill and the heavy build-up of toxic sludge.  It would be great if you could share this information with your friends and neighbors.  The reality is that we need significant change if the creek is to become the recreational asset we would like it to be.

We will continue to lobby the authorities to try and resolve some of these issues but we do need your continued support.  Over the years, our membership numbers have decreased to a level that does not reflect the numbers of properties that border the creek. Weight of numbers is always important when trying to convince authorities to make change.  We need to increase membership to make the KCA a body that truly echoes the desires of the community. Please see our special offer highlighted in the section “The Association needs you”.  Join now and receive 4 months free membership!



The Kananook Creek Association has been nominated as a finalist for a Frankston City Council Community Award in the Clean Beach / Waterway category. The nomination was for the creek restoration work performed by the Green Army.

Creek Monitoring

The Melbourne University has developed a monitoring proposal with the aim of determining the exact source (s) of toxins and sludge. The proposal reported that the Kananook Creek sediment exceeded EPA prescribed waste guidelines.  The Kananook Creek Association is planning a meeting with Melbourne Water and the FCC to discuss implementation of the monitoring proposal.

Frankston Green Wedge

The Frankston City Council recently requested feedback on the Council’s Green wedge proposal. The Kananook Creek Association submitted to the Council that any development must not increase industrial run off to the Kananook Creek. The Council will consider the KCA submission at September’s Council meeting.

Anti-Toxic Alliance

The Kananook Creek Association has joined the Anti Toxic Waste Alliance. Membership to the Alliance gives the Kananook Creek Association opportunities to network and share experience in dealing the Councils & Authorities about Toxic Waste

Frankston Coastguard Proposal

The Kananook Creek Association has submitted to the Frankston City Council that our preference is not to proceed with the Olivers Hill proposal but consider installing the Coast Guard in the reactivated mouth of the Kananook Creek. The Council is making its determination during October relating to the preferred location of the Coastguard.  

The Kananook Creek Association turns 50 in 2020.

Watch this space for further announcements as the 50th birthday comes closer

The Association needs you

Have you considered joining (or rejoining) the Kananook Creek Association?  The more members we have, gives us a stronger voice when advocate for the Creek with Council and Melbourne Water. Talk to your neighbors about our cause and hopefully we can attract some new members.  To join, please complete the attached membership form.

The Kananook Creek Association is making a special membership incentive of offering new and rejoining members, membership for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020.

Do you have Kananook Creek Association Gear & Equipment

Over the years many people have used Kananook Creek Association gear & equipment. This gear & equipment is being kept in many widespread locations. The committee would like to identify and locate all KCA gear & equipment. If you know the whereabouts of any KCA gear & equipment, kindly notify the Kananook Creek Association on our email address on

Working Bees

There are regular working bees on the first Sunday at Fiocchi Ave and the third Sunday at Bentons Avenue

DON’T FORGET to check out our Facebook Page which is constantly updated.

Printable Version of September Newsletter and Membership 2020

KCA membership form 2020

Newsletter Spring, 2019

Newsletter Spring 2019,Word version

News Spring 2019

Newsletter Spring 2019, pdf version




Autumn 2018 newsletter of the Kananook Creek Association Inc.
In this issue: 2018 vision; Notice of Annual General Meeting (Wednesday, 4th April); Membership renewal and committee nomination forms; Green Army project work

We would like to thank you all for your continued support of the Kananook Creek Association during 2017.

2017 has been a very important year for the creek and its surrounds. We’ve seen the acceptance of the Ministerial Advisory Committees report into the management of the creek and its environs. This is certainly a big step forward and provides a blueprint for the future. Yes, we as a community, will have to push to see that the recommendations are implemented and that the management of the creek remains current to the area’s needs. There are constant challenges emerging: for example we have issues such as the level crossing removals,
higher density development along the creek in both Seaford and Frankston, issues of water quality and flow rates and increased storm water run-off from surrounding development. As much and all as we may want the Kananook Creek to be an integral aesthetic and environmental feature of our community it, like any other waterway, will be part of the storm water system for a large area. Therefore it will always be at risk of pollution, flooding and degradation.
The Association continues to conduct regular working bees in the southern third of the Kananook Creek, but lack of human resources means we simply cannot give the 5 kilometres of creek in Seaford the sort of TLC it so richly deserves
and in many areas sorely needs. We continue to lobby Council for work in the Seaford area and have been successful in obtaining grants towards track maintenance and similar. (See article re Green Army) We also work on planning needs in the Seaford area to the best of our ability, but again resources makes it difficult to respond to needs satisfactorily. The KCA is a voluntary organization and doesn’t have unlimited resources. The KCA is approaching its 50th anniversary. Surprise, surprise members of your committee are well past that and some are approaching their 70th anniversary. Truth is it becomes increasingly difficult to do the sort of physical work needed in the Seaford area without more support.

2018 priorities:
In many respects they are a restatement of 2017 but to change focus would be inappropriate:
• Re-establish regular working bees in Seaford. These working bees will be organized and resourced by Seaford residents.
• Maintain vigilance over creek side development in both Frankston and Seaford, especially as proposed changes to zoning along the creek emphasize higher density developments.
• Ensure our member numbers remain strong, for without this our lobbying and credibility with local authorities is diminished.
• Recruit a wider committee representation from Seaford to ensure the important needs of the suburb are adequately addressed



KCA News, membership, Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings and News Update from KCA President, Paul Davies.


We are pleased to announce the long awaited release of the MAC Review of Kananook Creek Management Arrangements
Kananook Creek Ministerial Advisory Committee Review of Management Arrangements, .pdf approx 4.4 Mb opens new tab

KCA Winter Newsletter

Eel Race Pumping Station


KCA Winter News 2017 print version

The Kananook Creek Association was delighted to see a new pump being installed in Kananook Creek Pump Station at Patterson Lakes on 16th June 2017.This project has been planned for a number of years with the old pump no longer operating optimally and being costly to keep repairing.

The new submersible pump is state of the art technology; incorporating best quality German design/manufacturing leading to an increase in power use efficiency.  It is manufactured with state of the art material, with Duplex stainless steel impeller and shaft providing the best corrosive seawater protection coupled with alarm protection and improved diagnostic controls. When asked about the new pump, our President stated that he was hoping for improvement to both water flows and water quality in the creek, both of which has been problematic in the past with the old pump often being offline.
Paul was also pleased to hear about additional survey works being carried out on Kananook Creek to determine the profile of the creek and to give Melbourne Water a better idea of silt deposits particularly in the lower estuary region.

It is great that Melbourne Water are paying attention to Kananook Creek as it plays a vital role in the overall water management of the area as well as being important for native bird habitat and local amenity for residents.

Stormwater Drain Desilting

The KCA is also pleased to announce that Melbourne Water has approved the desilting of 2 major stormwater drains which flow into the Kananook Creek. These drains are located opposite Woolworths in Seaford and at the end of Bardia Avenue, also in Seaford.
The lower reaches of both drains are heavily silted and this may well be having an impact on the quality of the water which flows from them into the creek. It is obvious from the amount of mud on the banks in the lower reaches of the creek that something is wrong. It’s probably no coincidence that Frankston Beach ranked 34 and 36 on the EPA list of beaches for summer 2016 and 2017. There were only 36 beaches on the list of monitored bay beaches so it’s not a good look. For the record Seaford beach was 19.
It’s pleasing to note that due to community pressure from the KCA and other local community groups both Frankston City Council and Melbourne Water are commencing a detailed analysis of water quality in the creek and endeavouring to determine where water colour problems are originating from. It may just be that Frankston City Council realises that the potential economic impact on tourism to the area has to be fixed.

Beckwith Grove Footbridge

This project has all the hallmarks of an episode from Utopia. 12 months ago the KCA and residents had a clear expectation that the bridge would be rebuilt by Christmas 2016. Since then matters have gone pear-shaped and Council seems to be trying its hardest not to rebuild the bridge. Figures of up to $700,000 are being touted as the reconstruction costs as against initial estimates of under $200,000. Over $30,000 appears to have been spent on consultants. The Association’s view is that it’s always sad to lose an asset which enables the community to enjoy all that the creek has to offer. Bridges play an important role in that objective. We also understand that the Council has a responsibility to manage all its assets in a prudent manner. Hopefully the matter will be resolved before KCA’s next newsletter at Christmas. Irrespective of the outcome the KCA hopes that for the sake of all parties there is greater transparency shown by Council throughout any similar future community project.

Green Army Project

The KCA is pleased to advise that we have been given the green light for track and allied restoration works along the walking track north of Station Street in Seaford. The grant was a result of a federal pre-election commitment in late 2016. Thank you to both Chris Crewther and Bruce Billson for this work.This project will be managed jointly by Council and the KCA. It will run for approximately 12 weeks, so by Christmas track users should notice a significant improvement in the northern end of the walking track and its surrounds. We are also hoping to get some suitable seats placed along the track for those walkers who’d like to take time out to enjoy the serenity the path has to offer


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Joan Bosanko died last Monday morning, November 30, having suffered from two strokes, the one following the other in quick succession. Her family were with her at the end.

KCA meant a great deal to Joan and Joan meant a great deal to KCA, being one of those people who grew up in a no-nonsense generation: if you made up your mind to do something, you rolled up your sleeves and got on with it.

It was in June 1985, when she was a young and sprightly 59 year old. that she wrote a letter (no e-mails then) to the KCA Committee saying she would like to serve on the Committee. So it was that at the next Annual General Meeting, in April 1986, she was elected, not only to the Committee, but to the position of Treasurer. Joan held that position for fifteen years until she stepped down at the AGM in 2007. She did not retire from the Committee then though, staying on as an Ordinary Member for a further four years. When she did retire she was, appropriately enough, awarded Life Membership of the Association.

By this time she was fast approaching her eightieth year but that didn’t stop her. Joan had already been a regular helper at the Council Indigenous Nursery in Seaford for some time and she continued on with this work, helping out weekly, right up until the end.

Always with a ready smile and always ready to have a natter, Joan was declared Frankston’s Citizen of the Year in 2007, a worthy Award for someone so dedicated to the environment of her local community.

As a footnote, Joan was the “Guest of Honour” at the Centenary Celebrations earlier this year of her Alma Mater, Seaford Primary School: she was the oldest living Old Girl! That title has now passed on to someone else; but the world is a better place for Joan having passed through it.

Joan, tending KCA plants. FCC nursery 2004

Autumn News 2015

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Dear Resident,

Kananook Creek Association is holding its 2015 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 1 April at 8.00pm at the senior Citizens’ Rooms (“Talbot Hall”), Broughton Street, Seaford. Even though you may not be a Member of the Association (although you could always join at the door: membership fee is $15.00 per family/household) you will be most welcome to come along. If you live alongside or close to the Creek, this meeting gives you the perfect opportunity to find out what the Association has been doing over the past twelve months and what plans it has for the year ahead, including ongoing work in the Reserves, our advocacy against unsustainable development, our relationships with outside organizations; and for socialising afterwards.. We are also keen for neighbours of the Creek (that means you!) to either join or re-join the Association; a healthy membership group enables us to lobby the politicians and bureaucrats (at all levels of government) from a position of strength and this has never been more important than now, with the increasing burden of Regulations and property development pressures being thrust upon us. So, if you can’t come to the meeting you might like to use the form below to send us your details and membership subscription for 2015. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you at our meeting on Wednesday 1st April 2015.

Paul Davies – President


Membership forms can be downloaded here
If your email contact details should change, don’t forget to send an update to

The News  – autumn 2015

This news update will be used to highlight what’s happened over the past 12 months and some of the things that the KCA is hoping will happen over the next 12 months or so. Looking back:
Jetty repairs – The 2 jetties at Riviera Street and McCulloch Avenue in Seaford have both been rebuilt. That’s great because they both look good and now provide safe launching and landing points for recreational craft. During these warmer months it’s not unusual to see several kayaks or canoes paddling along the creek on any day. Let’s hope that continues.
Creek Footbridges – The KCA in conjunction with other community groups successfully intervened and ensured that our iconic timber footbridges remained in place. Council agreed that these bridges are an important feature of Frankston’s and the creek’s unique character. Tenders have recently been called for the replacement of these bridges with “like for like” timber structures. Work is expected to commence after Easter, with Beach Street and Fiocchi Avenue being the first 2 structures for replacement.
Pre-Election Campaign – Prior to the state election in November 2014 the KCA approached candidates in both the Carrum and Seaford electorates in order to gain commitments from them regarding Kananook Creek. Whilst we won’t claim full credit, we are pleased to say that the Labor Party government was very supportive of the needs for a proper management structure for the creek. They are close to making an announcement that involves both the Planning Minister and the Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water. (The second portfolio appears to sit very nicely with the creek’s circumstances). Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, but at this stage things are looking promising. As the saying goes, there’s a lot of water still to go under the bridge before we celebrate.
Creek cleaning activities – Again we’ve hosted 2 successful water based creek cleaning days. The first in November 2014 at Seaford and the second at Fiocchi Ave, Frankston in early March, 2015. These days were both well attended and it’s encouraging to see a continuing reduction in the amount of rubbish collected. Even routine working bees along the walking tracks produce reduced amounts of litter. It appears that more and more of those who use the tracks pick up rubbish while out walking and hopefully don’t drop it in the first place.
Planning – This continues to be a challenge for the KCA committee. Understandably developers along the creek try and push the envelope in terms of setbacks, car parking, height limits and other areas. They are keen to maximize their returns, but often to the long term detriment of the environment, surrounding properties and the community generally.
Looking forwards:
Desilting – The KCA is still pushing for this to be done to at least Beach Street. The local member appears to support this and some positive comments have also come from Frankston City Council. There is also a clear need for spot desilting around some of the storm water drains along the creek. We will continue to pursue these matters with State government, local council and Melbourne Water.
Water quality and flow rates – The KCA is currently holding discussions with Melbourne Water about improving flow rates and quality of water in the creek. Technically there is nothing wrong with water quality. It is the same as the water in Patterson River; however as part of improving flow rates there is an opportunity to improve quality. KCA works positively with Melbourne Water and they appear to be increasingly aware of the recreational value of the creek.
Green Army – There are several projects commencing over the coming months along the creek reserve. These projects will include path restoration, plantings near Seaford Station, mulching and improved track access via removal of overhanging vegetation. The path north of Mile Bridge to Eel Race Road will not become like the section south of the bridge. It will, however, become more accessible and an easier family walk. There is an opportunity to put in additional rest areas to the north. It is a popular walking trail and we want its use to grow.


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