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Stop the Great Wall of Frankston – we need your help! 
Update Jan 4 2023

Please click here to view, download, share the poster (.pdf) pictured below
Plans are already at Council for 14, 15 & 16 storey high rises at the Waterfront. Conservation Council You can reach out to us at to offer support or assistance.
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KCA Newsletter November 2022 web version

Great Wall of Frankston Petition

Another 50 metre high rise on the waterfront is coming to Council for approval on Monday (Pace Development 438-444 Nepean Highway). This will be adjacent to Harbour Frankston at 446-450 Nepean Highway that passed on a 5 to 4 vote of Councillors on 21st November.
KCA, FBA and Long Island Residents strongly oppose creating this wall of buildings between the town centre and our iconic waterfront.
There are no mandatory height limits in Frankston to protect our waterfront.

Please support the petition below and share it widely.

Great Wall of Frankston

Do we want to see a great wall of high rise overshadowing our beautiful beach?

News Spring 2022

The KCA November 2022 Newsletter is now available for download. Please feel free to share.

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Proposed Harbour building

Great Wall

Great wall of high rise.

Proposed Harbour Frankston Development
MEDIA RELEASE 15th August 2022

Proposed Harbour Frankston Development- 446-450 Nepean Highway
KCA strongly supports the community vision for Frankston City as the Lifestyle Capital of Victoria. KCA are not anti-development, we advocate for a balance which provides for sensitive development in harmony with our stunning natural
Together with State Government and Council, KCA supported the TAFE to Bay Structure Planning which saw the revitalisation of the Kananook Creek Precinct as a high priority by connecting our town centre with our waterfront and creating an active
marine precinct -a valued destination for residents and visitors alike. A decade later this priority is still very much alive.
KCA supports the strategy for Frankston town centre to accommodate more residential buildings but not without sensitive constraint and adoption of best practice planning which enhances our lifestyle and achieves our community vision.
Our main concerns are:
1. Wrong Place
This 50-metre-high rise development is simply in the wrong place -higher rise development should be away from Frankston’s celebrated coastline and closer to the transport interchange.
2. Wrong Timing
Council is not expected to receive the Draft Structure Plan for the Frankston Metropolitan Activity Centre (FMAC) before October 2022. After Council considers this Draft Plan, it will go out for extensive community consultation.
This is to wrong time for Council to approve a proposal which deviates materially from existing FMAC building guidelines. Council should wait for the outcomes of the Structure Plan update before approving any material departure from existing community guidelines.
3. Frankston does not want to create a “Great Wall “of high rise on Frankston’s iconic waterfront.
If Council approves Harbour Frankston, a precedent is made and there is a real risk of creating a barrier wall of 50 metre and above high-rise buildings between the town centre and the coastline. If a key element of the Structure plan is to connect the town centre with the waterfront, then a Great Wall is not in the best interest of the community using any of the triple bottom line measures -environmental, economic or social.
4. A 50 metre wall of built environment will have a detrimental impact on the Kananook Creek Precinct and Nepean Highway revitalisation projects.
The higher the development, then the more severe is the impact of overshadowing and wind force on the surrounding streetscapes below. This is an undeniable fact – just look at our own experience with the South East Water building.
5. Kananook Creek Boulevard is too valuable as a community asset in the future planning of the Kananook Creek precinct to be considered as the main vehicular access of residents and service vehicles.
The plan for this promenade by a high value waterway is predominantly for more pedestrian, not vehicular, traffic. Kananook Creek Boulevard is already a one-way road and in peak beach season the Wells St intersection at Mc Donald’s is already a major choke point for visitors from across the Frankston region. Would Council consider aggravating this problem even further?

Margaret Hunter

KCA Annual Family Picnic March 13 2022

Thank you to everyone who attended the KCA Annual Picnic On Sunday March 13, 2022.
Special thanks to the Kananook Creek Canoe Club, organizers, cooks, musicians, past players and the kids who joined us.
Thanks to Michael Mavracic from MAVideoArt · for the following video record of a wonderful picnic on the creek by the bay.

January 2022

Minio Rossetto FCC Senior Citizen of the Year 2022

Minio and Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy

Minio receives award from Mayor Cr Nathan Conroy

Minio, KCA volunteer, is the proud recipient of FCC Senior Citizen of the Year Award 2022. The Kananook Creek community are absolutely delighted that Minio has received recognition for his contribution – an outstanding contribution that has spanned several decades. Minio is Official Legend and Life Member of the KCA, Life Member of the Long Island Tennis Club and a much loved living treasure to his local Long Island community.


Minio (centre)

Image caption L-R: Peninsula Health Chief Executive – Felicity Topp, Senior Citizen of the Year – Erminio Rossetto (Minio), Young Citizen of the Year – Bethany Yeuong, Peninsula Health Registered Nurse – Sony Sunny, Citizen of the Year – Trudy Poole and Frankston City Mayor, Cr Nathan Conroy.

Claire, Minio, Peta, Paul and Joan

Image Caption L-R Claire Rossetto, Minio Rossetto, Peta Murphy MP, Paul Cavanagh, Joan Cavanagh

Congratulations Minio!



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