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Junior Rangers on a Discovery Expedition

Kananook Creek Junior Ranger Challenge

How well do you know the creatures of the Kananook?

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What am I? I am colourful and I love to chatter in the trees.  I feed on nectar.  I build my nest in a tree hollow.

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I sleep during the day.  I am furry and I have a curly tail with a white tip.  I make a nest called a drey.


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I have blue grey feathers, a white face and long yellow legs.  You may see me wading in the shallows looking for food.

Hint: I look a bit pale.

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I am black and white. I can swim and I can fly. I like to spread my wings out to dry after I have been diving for food.

Pied Cormorant

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If you look carefully, you may see my stripes.  I can be deadly.  I am cold blooded.  I live in the creek reserves but I am rarely seen.

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I live in the waters of Kananook Creek.  When it is time for me to migrate, I can travel thousands of kilometres.  I travel along drains and gullies until I finally reach the open sea. .

Short finned Eel

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This native fish lives in the Kananook. It is famous for its ability to cling to steep rocks and waterfalls using its fins. Size: Commonly 80 to 160 mm.

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I am not a native of the area.  I kill many native birds and animals.  I live in a den.

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I am cold blooded.  When I am frightened, I can puff myself up so that I look bigger. I have blotched skin.  You may find me in your garden.  Cats, dog, and snail bait can kill tongued lizard

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Try our Fur, Feathers, Fins and Scales Quiz and find out if you qualify as a Kananook Creek Junior Ranger.  Good Luck! 

When you have tried out the Quiz and answered the questions correctly, you may like to save or print out a Kananook Creek Junior Ranger Award Certificate.

Kananook Creek Junior Ranger Certificate

Kananook Creek Junior Ranger Certificate

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