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Kananook Creek

Kananook Creek is located 35 kms south of Melbourne – a short walk from Port Phillip Bay, Seaford Foreshore Reserve and in the northern section, the internationally protected Seaford Wetlands.

Commencing at Carrum, the creek winds gently for some 7.5 km along the secondary dune system parallel to the Port Phillip coastline before merging with the bay at Frankston. For the most part, the creek is fringed by a fragile ribbon of remnant native bushland predominantly on the eastern side with residential properties to the west.

Kananook Creek Association

The Kananook Creek Association is a voluntary organisation. New members and volunteers are very welcome.

Our aim:
‘to clean, restore and preserve the Kananook Creek and its environment’.

Kananook Creek

The Kananook Creek Association believes that the Kananook Creek and its reserves have the potential to become treasured environmental and recreational assets of regional significance.

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