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Eel Race Pumping Station


KCA Winter News 2017 print version

The Kananook Creek Association was delighted to see a new pump being installed in Kananook Creek Pump Station at Patterson Lakes on 16th June 2017.This project has been planned for a number of years with the old pump no longer operating optimally and being costly to keep repairing.

The new submersible pump is state of the art technology; incorporating best quality German design/manufacturing leading to an increase in power use efficiency.  It is manufactured with state of the art material, with Duplex stainless steel impeller and shaft providing the best corrosive seawater protection coupled with alarm protection and improved diagnostic controls. When asked about the new pump, our President stated that he was hoping for improvement to both water flows and water quality in the creek, both of which has been problematic in the past with the old pump often being offline.
Paul was also pleased to hear about additional survey works being carried out on Kananook Creek to determine the profile of the creek and to give Melbourne Water a better idea of silt deposits particularly in the lower estuary region.

It is great that Melbourne Water are paying attention to Kananook Creek as it plays a vital role in the overall water management of the area as well as being important for native bird habitat and local amenity for residents.

Stormwater Drain Desilting

The KCA is also pleased to announce that Melbourne Water has approved the desilting of 2 major stormwater drains which flow into the Kananook Creek. These drains are located opposite Woolworths in Seaford and at the end of Bardia Avenue, also in Seaford.
The lower reaches of both drains are heavily silted and this may well be having an impact on the quality of the water which flows from them into the creek. It is obvious from the amount of mud on the banks in the lower reaches of the creek that something is wrong. It’s probably no coincidence that Frankston Beach ranked 34 and 36 on the EPA list of beaches for summer 2016 and 2017. There were only 36 beaches on the list of monitored bay beaches so it’s not a good look. For the record Seaford beach was 19.
It’s pleasing to note that due to community pressure from the KCA and other local community groups both Frankston City Council and Melbourne Water are commencing a detailed analysis of water quality in the creek and endeavouring to determine where water colour problems are originating from. It may just be that Frankston City Council realises that the potential economic impact on tourism to the area has to be fixed.

Beckwith Grove Footbridge

This project has all the hallmarks of an episode from Utopia. 12 months ago the KCA and residents had a clear expectation that the bridge would be rebuilt by Christmas 2016. Since then matters have gone pear-shaped and Council seems to be trying its hardest not to rebuild the bridge. Figures of up to $700,000 are being touted as the reconstruction costs as against initial estimates of under $200,000. Over $30,000 appears to have been spent on consultants. The Association’s view is that it’s always sad to lose an asset which enables the community to enjoy all that the creek has to offer. Bridges play an important role in that objective. We also understand that the Council has a responsibility to manage all its assets in a prudent manner. Hopefully the matter will be resolved before KCA’s next newsletter at Christmas. Irrespective of the outcome the KCA hopes that for the sake of all parties there is greater transparency shown by Council throughout any similar future community project.

Green Army Project

The KCA is pleased to advise that we have been given the green light for track and allied restoration works along the walking track north of Station Street in Seaford. The grant was a result of a federal pre-election commitment in late 2016. Thank you to both Chris Crewther and Bruce Billson for this work.This project will be managed jointly by Council and the KCA. It will run for approximately 12 weeks, so by Christmas track users should notice a significant improvement in the northern end of the walking track and its surrounds. We are also hoping to get some suitable seats placed along the track for those walkers who’d like to take time out to enjoy the serenity the path has to offer

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