Stop the Great Wall of Frankston – Sat 17th Feb 11am

The fight to save our coastal amenity from high-rise buildings along Kananook Creek has never been more urgent.  The high-rise development proposal is before VCAT on Thursday 22nd February for a final hearing.

  • Two decades of meticulous planning are at risk of being discarded – our beautiful beach, creek and skyline to be dominated by inappropriate high-rise development forever.
  • Clever and creative housing solutions do not gobble up precious community spaces and natural assets.

Please join the STGWF protest on Saturday 17th Feb at 11am on Kananook Boulevard at the Rear of Harbour site (next to rear of McDonalds).

The KCA is apolitical. We value our wonderful natural assets and strive to protect and preserve them for all of the community – just as we have done for more than fifty years

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Further details of the campaign:
Stop the Great Wall of Frankston

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