Frankston Music Festival also incorporating ‘Ten Stories of Frankston’ at Mechanics Hall

Music program summary

Frankston Music Festival Program Summary

On the weekend of 28th to 30th April the inaugural Frankston Music Festival will take place. This whole event has been masterminded by past KCA President Robert Thurley. Music is one of Rob’s other passions. I’d encourage you to look at the programme for the entire event. If you plan well you could be away from home for the entire weekend savouring great music, experiences and food at a diverse range of venues in and around Frankston.

In amongst all of the music we’ll be displaying the 10 Stories of Frankston exhibit. That will occur on the afternoon of Sunday 30th April, 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm at the Mechanics Hall in Plowman Place Frankston. This exhibit gives an important insight into the diverse history of Frankston. It’s worth a visit as there are some interesting tales and facts to be digested.

Ten Stories of Frankston Flyer

Ten Stories of Frankston Flyer

Take a few minutes out to study the fliers. You’re sure to find something to catch your interest and you may just see Frankston in a different perspective.

Hope to see you there. Cheers.

Paul Davies
Kananook Creek Association

Note: Please check the Frankston Music Festival website for program details, booking details, and updates to the program.

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