Natured Kids Creekside Planting

“Natured kids”, organised by Narelle Debenham, supported by members of the Kananook

Natured Kids Planting

Creek Association, have been busy planting seedlings again along the banks of Kananook Creek between Mile Bridge and Allawah Avenue.

The last time they planted in this area they were accompanied by a camera team from the BBC’s Channel 4 programme “Wanted Down Under” which was screened in the UK earlier this year.

Last week however they were on their own, along with Mums and Dads and any other proud relatives who could come Natured Kids Plantingalong and help. There were also a couple of surprise visitors however, with Carrum’s State Member, Donna Bauer (perhaps not such a surprise, as she is Narelle’s sister) and Frankston’s Geoff Shaw lending a helping hand. With the assistance of these green-fingered politicians, over 200 plants were put in over two mornings by the likes of Alice and Angus, Frank, Lincoln and Archie, Chloe, Lola and Indigo and at 20 months old, young Tarkyn. For the reader who knows their Welsh poets, there were also two plants put in side by side by a Dylan and a Thomas.

Planting volunteersThere were also families from as far afield as Vermont, Brighton and Rosebud present so the programme has wide appeal. Some of the children even “adopt” their plants and return to water them and show them off to their relatives.  A great way to teach the kids the value of looking after their environment and a great help to KCA!

 Well done and thanks to Narelle and her ‘Natured Kids”.



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