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Council have shocked KCA by downgrading their proposed vision for the Kananook Creek Indigenous Botanic Gardens to a “garden” just before community consultation. Why?”
No explanation was provided and no consultation was sought with KCA.Comments by the Mayor inferring that the 1997 vision is out of date of date, might be confusing the overall project vision with the obvious need to update the 1997 Concept Plan for the current conditions on the site-two very separate issues.

KCA strongly advocates that the 1997 Council/Community vision for this central Seaford site is still relevant to the community in 2021. Supporting this:

  • The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are celebrating their 175th anniversary this year and are still evolving and inspiring the community in 2021.
  • The Frankston (George Pentland) Botanic Gardens are nearing forty years and also continue to evolve and inspire.

The blue print to be laid out by the community on this most strategic site in the heart of Seaford in 2022 should also evolve and inspire our communities for the next 100 years

The correct name for the project is critically important. If the vision is to create Botanic Gardens in Seaford, then why not use the correct name? The name Indigenous Botanic Gardens was suggested in the 1997 Masterplan as a more accurate description of the vision as all the criteria were to be met.

The Seaford Level Crossing Removal Project has provided the Seaford community with a one in one-hundred-year opportunity to create Botanic Gardens in the heart of Seaford -the project is to be fully funded by the LXRP Project. Why then would Seaford accept a second-rate outcome from Council? How will future generations judge a missed opportunity in 2021.

We are hoping to have a meeting of interested citizens when restrictions permit this. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback -please email to secretarykca3198@gmail.com.

Annual General Meeting 2021

KCA held its Annual General Meeting on 1 April 2021 at the Seaford Community Centre with a good attendance.  There was a presentation from Steve Perumal and Sally Prideaux on the Kananook Creek Indigenous Botanic Garden with questions from members present at the meeting.

Former President and local Seaford artist Meredith Forster was pleased to receive a well-deserved Legend of KCA, for her work in a voluntary capacity over 50 years for KCA. In 1979 Meredith co- authored The Restoration of Kananook Creek (KCA’s bible) with her father, founder and KCA Legend Ivan Blake. Meredith also founded the Henley on Kananook /Kananook Creek Celebration Day which ran continuously for 25 years. Meredith and her husband Martin remain staunch advocates for the Indigenous Botanic Gardens in Seaford.

Unfortunately, Phil Carter had to stand down from the role of President, due to work commitments, Phil will stay on as a Committee Member. The President position being vacant at present.

Other positions on the committee were: –

Vice-President:  Stuart Allen

Secretary:  Margaret Hunter

Treasurer:  John Shreeve

Webmaster: Yvonne Lynch

Committee Members:  Phil Carter, Rob Thurley, Russell Taylor, Ken Matthews, Thomas Weichert.

External delegates were appointed to – Frankston Environment Friends Network, Port Phillip Conservation Council, Kananook Creek Indigenous Botanic Garden, Kananook Creek Governance Group, Frankston CBD Revitalisation Project.

KCA Sub- Committees were also established, with conveners in the areas of:
– Reserves, Waterways, Landowners, Annual Family Community Event, Promotions and Marketing, Newsletters Distribution. 
Members are welcome to join these groups to support the work of KCA in these areas.

Hearing of Councillor Code of Conduct Complaint

KCA have written to CEO Phil Cantillon regarding several emails made by Mayor which contain statements which we believe are disrespectful, misleading, potentially defamatory and have no factual basis. KCA simply seeks a fair hearing under the Councillor Code of Conduct to set the matters straight on behalf of our many community volunteers. We await a response.

Beckwith Grove Footbridge Reinstatement Petition/Laneway Sale deferred.

Council have agreed to defer any sale of the laneway leaving open the future replacement of the footbridge. The footbridge is an important feature in the Indigenous Botanic Gardens Project and highly valued by local residents as an important linkage. Council agrees that the replacement bridge could be built for about $250,000, extras could add another $500,000- but why would these expensive extras be demanded for this bridge only?

Council would have no objection to the reinstatement if funded by State Government.

Reserves Sub Committee Report

The Southern Group, coordinated by Minio Rossetto, remains active (subject to lockdowns). The group meets the first Sunday in every month at the Fiocchi Avenue footbridge. Work is from 9-11 am followed by refreshments and good fellowship. All welcome.

The track from Fiocchi Avenue to Beach Street is currently closed for a month while resurfacing work is done on the boardwalk section.

We are working with Council on updating the 3-year Plan of Works (capital and maintenance) for the Natural Reserves.

Waterways Sub Committee Report 

This purpose of this group is to assess the condition of the creek environment over its length.  We need to know what’s in the water and what goes into it- chemical, physical and biological – in order to work out what needs to be done make it more pleasant to observe and visit, safer for boating/canoeing/kayaking/fishing and just a fantastic asset for enjoyment and recreation.

The more knowledge we have on the whole creek ecosystem, the greater chance we have in improving it for ourselves and future generations. The black ooze along the banks and on the bottom is related to sediments from our local stormwater system and is of particular concern and a high priority for improvement. We will be investigating support from agencies including the Frankston City Council, Melbourne Water, and the Victoria-wide Estuary Watch program.  

There is scope for the you, the reader, to be involved by volunteering to make observations, collect samples and generally be involved.  Community groups around the State are making enormous contributions to waterways just like ours. If you would like to add your name to those who have already made an expression of interest in being involved, please reply via the KCA email address: secretarykca3198 @gmail.com.

 Rotary Seaford Farmers Market and KCA Promotion Opportunity

The Seaford Community Group KCA have kindly invited us to join their table at the Seaford Farmers Market on the third Sunday of every month and it provides a great opportunity to share information with market patrons about the Creek or just meet our volunteers and have a friendly chat. We look forward to seeing you at the July Market.



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