KCA Autumn Newsletter

Presidents’ Report 

A very big thank you to all our members for continuing to support us in 2020/21.  Membership numbers have stabilised a little after a worrying downturn in 2019 however, this remains a long term issue for us to manage.

This last quarter has been very busy with various initiatives underway as described in the rest of the newsletter.  Now that Covid seems to be on the retreat, we can start to think more positively about the future of the Association and the creek.

Thanks for all those that volunteered to help on clean-up Australia day.  It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.  It was notable that 2 of our local Politicians decided to chip in and get involved with the KCA on the day.

The AGM is later this week so I am hoping the membership will have a good turn-out.  I will be delivering a more complete report on the evening.

Phil Carter

KCA President

Rob Thurley

Rob Thurley awarded Frankston Senior Citizen 2021 Photo courtesy FCC

Rob Thurley Frankston Senior Citizen of the Year 2021

 Rob Thurley, the KCA Vice President, was acknowledged for his long-term environmental work for KCA, and other areas of expertise by the Frankston City Council.  KCA congratulates Rob on this prestigious award, a just recognition of his achievements. Rob, then just turned 32, came onto the Committee as Secretary in February 1979, 42 years ago.  Congratulations Rob on the recognition, a well-deserved accolade.


 KCA held a successful Autumn Evening Family Celebration on Thursday 4 March 2021 at Talbot Hall with representatives from the Seaford and wider environment community taking the opportunity to mingle with fellow members and groups on the balcony near the creek.  Attended by representatives of the Frankston Council, Councillors, regional environment groups and including entertainment for children.  There was also the opportunity to learn about the proposed Kananook Creek Indigenous Botanic Garden currently under discussion by Frankston Council.  Thank you to all those that attended this special evening for KCA.

Music was provided by Steve Sedergreen.  The Ten Stories of Frankston Historical Display was popular, as was information on canoeing on the Kananook Creek, Augmented Reality and an activity by Narelle Debenham (Natured Kids – Interactive learning for kids). 


KCA’s Clean-up Australia Event was held on 7th March 2021 with rubbish retrieval from three boats launched at the Seaford Community Centre.  There was also a Clean Up of the walking trails nearby the Creek which will enhance the area for users and assist in the amenity of the area.  Thank you to all those people who participated in this activity on the day.  Thank you to Peta Murphy MP and Sonya Kilkenny MP for joining us on the day.

Material collected on the day included a bicycle, 3 televisions a full-size cupboard, several bags of bottles, cans and general rubbish.  KCA will continue to monitor rubbish on the Kananook Creek and looks forward to the Clean Up Australia event in 2022.

The Beckwith Street Footbridge

The fate of the Beckwith Street Footbridge is in balance, after a Special Council Meeting on 1st March. An Alternate Motion from Councillors Hill/Harvey was passed which gives a stay of execution pending a meeting with designer Dr Jill Orr-Young and others. A report is due back to the Council meeting of 19 April 2021.  KCA’s concern is that this is an essential link from the Kananook Creek  Indigenous Botanic Garden Project to Seaford and provides access to the Seaford Foreshore.   This is an ongoing matter of great concern and involvement by KCA.

Notice of Annual General Meeting – Thursday April 1st, 2021
(Pending Covid 19 Restrictions)



  • Welcome
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 6 August 2020
  • Special Presentation on the Kananook Creek Indigenous Botanic Gardens by Council’s Steve Perumal. Sally Prideaux and Dr Jill Orr-Young
  • President’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Life Membership Award to Meredith Forster
  • Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members (refer Attachment A)
  • KCA Working Groups/Subcommittees – Water Quality, Land Owners, Indigenous Botanic Garden. Beckwith Grove Bridge, Reserves, Marketing and Membership
  • General Discussion
  • Meeting Close
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