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Creek Monitoring

The Kananook Creek Association has had an initial meeting with Melbourne Water regarding the Melbourne University’s monitoring proposal with the aim of determining the exact source (s) of toxins and sludge. Melbourne Water are planning to initially place monitoring sensors in the Dandenong Creek. It the Dandenong Creek monitoring program is successful, Melbourne water plan to roll out the monitoring program to the Kananook Creek. There are ongoing meetings between Melbourne Water and the Kananook Creek Association regarding the toxicity of the Kananook Creek.

Frankston Green Wedge

The Frankston City Council issued the Green Wedge planning proposal. Several local community groups, including the KCA submitted responses to the original proposals.  The revised version now shows a reduction of development in Carrum Downs (between Frankston Dandenong Road & Eastlink). This should result in a reduction of industrial run off into the Kananook Creek.  

Frankston Coastguard Proposal

The Frankston City Council has determined to place the Coast Guard in the Yacht Club building. Sadly, the possible reactivation of the mouth of the Kananook Creek was not included in the Council’s decision.   

The Kananook Creek Association turns 50 in 2020.

The Kananook Creek Association turns 50 in February 2020. To help with making this important milestone a memorable event, the Kananook Creek Association is seeking members to help by joining a 50th birthday sub – committee. All are welcome to join the sub -committee, please strongly consider joining.

Seaford Love Where You Live – Public Event

The Kananook Creek Association actively participated in the recent Seaford “Love Where You Live” public event at the Seaford Community Hall. The open to public nature walk along the Kananook Creek and foreshore trails was led by two of our local Reserve Rangers and strongly supported by members of the Kananook Creek Association. There was also an information stall to help promote the Kananook Creek by providing promotional information about the Kananook Creek. Several groups were involved in the day and there was musical entertainment and a sausage sizzle. It is fair to say that the turnout for the event was a little disappointing, so a lot of people missed out on this fun event. 

Little Trackers Project

The Kananook Creek Association recently participated in the Little Trackers Project. The RMIT University are conducting a study of water flow in Melbourne’s rivers and the Kananook Creek was chosen to be a part of the study. The Little Trackers project was prominently reported in both of Frankston’s local papers.

The Association needs you

Have you considered joining (or rejoining) the Kananook Creek Association?  The more members we have, gives us a stronger voice when advocate for the Creek with Council and Melbourne Water. Talk to your neighbors about our cause and hopefully we can attract some new members.  To join, please complete the attached membership form.

The Kananook Creek Association is making a special membership incentive of offering new and rejoining members, membership for the remainder of 2019 and all of 2020.

Working Bees

There are regular working bees on the first Sunday at Fiocchi Ave and the third Sunday at Bentons Avenue.

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