Frankston City Urban Forests Community Consultation

Frankston City Urban Forests – Community Consultation to develop an Urban Forest Action Plan

What is an Urban Forest?

Frankston City’s urban forest consists of all trees and vegetation located

Urban Forestthroughout the municipality irrespective of the species, location, origin or ownership.

Urban forestry can be described as ‘the science and art of managing trees, forests and natural ecosystems in and around urban communities to maximise the psychological, sociological, economic and aesthetic benefits that trees provide for society’. (Schwobb 2008)

What do you value about Frankston City Council’s urban forest?

Have Your Say Online until 11 June, 2019

The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.  Please take a moment to fill in the survey linked below:

Link to Urban Forests Survey

Your assistance is needed to help us understand how our community views our trees and vegetation.

The information gathered will guide the development of an Urban Forest Action Plan which will direct the protection and enhancement of our urban trees and aid in the creation of a sustainable city that provides healthy and nurturing places for people and our biodiversity.

One of the fundamental components of the urban forest action plan is to improve the connection between the natural landscape and our community.


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