KCA Welcomes Green Army

Happy New Year to all involved with the Kananook Creek Association

Some good news to start 2018.  KCA was successful in gaining some $10,000.00 as a pre federal election commitment and we now have Green Army workers undertaking environmental management work along the length of the creek’s walking tracks.  I’ve attached some photos of their work.  We will have the benefit of up to a dozen workers over the next 6 or so weeks.  The team has commenced work at the southern end and will be progressively weeding, spreading mulch where appropriate, pruning over hanging vegetation and removing or spraying non indigenous species.  The work that they have undertaken in the first few days is little short of spectacular.  I’ve attached photographs of both the work that’s been undertaken and the Green Army workers themselves.

If you see them working along the track over the next several weeks please say hello to them.  They are universally quality young people and deserve all the support we can give them.  These people are interested in the environment and keen to both learn and engage in a hands on fashion.  They have a great supervisor in Berwick.  He has significant relevant experience in environmental management.  These people are not just another bunch of contractors looking to get a job done in a quick and nasty fashion as can often happen..

Please keep an eye out for them and make them feel welcome.


Paul Davies

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